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Motorcycle car park subscription

Discover our parking offers for motorcycles and scooters.

A specific offer

Motorcycle and scooter subscriptions give you access toa specific area for motorized two-wheelers at a special price. In a closed and reassuring environment, our car parks offer an ideal solution in urban areas to meet your parking needs.

A specific offer in Paris: The 2RM Pass

Since September 1st, 2022, on-street parking for 2 wheelers (motorcycles and scooters) is no longer free in Paris. The city created a 2RM Pass, available only in Paris, in the eligible underground car parks (see the list of car parks). The INDIGO group is a partner of the municipality and of this initiative. Indigo Neo offers this pass in more than 50 car parks in the capital.

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Subscription for motorcycles and scooters: why choose Indigo Neo?

If you are a biker, you probably know how difficult it can be to find a parking space in the city. Cars often take the majority of parking spaces, leaving few options for two-wheelers. In addition, some cities, such as Paris, regulate street parking, forcing drivers to adapt.

Indigo Neo offers a complete solution for motorcyclists through its specific subscription packages. An unlimited subscription in the car park of your choice and a regulated subscription offered by the city and offering practical and financial benefits.

An ideal solution for bikers

First of all, parking subscriptions for motorcycles allow motorcycle owners to park in areas reserved especially for them. This means that they do not have to look for a parking space for hours or park in prohibited places where they risk being fined.
Secondly, parking subscriptions for motorcycles are usually cheaper than subscriptions for cars. This is due to the fact that motorcycles take up less space and require less maintenance than cars. Motorcycle owners can therefore save money by using our specific parking subscriptions.
Motorcycles can be stolen or damaged if they are parked in unsafe places. By using specific motorcycle parking areas, owners of two-wheelers reduce the risk of damage

An offer available throughout France

Our subscriptions for parking motorcycles in reserved areas are accessible in many cities in France. In Paris there is a special and specific offer for bikers: The 2RM pass. Elsewhere, in Marseille, Toulouse, Nice, Lille, Bordeaux and many other cities, Indigo Neo offers a 24/7 subscription offering total freedom to the subscriber. Several rates related to the duration of the contract are also available.

With Indigo Neo, you can park on-street as well.

Indigo Neo is the only player on the market that offers a solution for all types of parking, whether on-street or in car parks.
In cities like Paris, where parking is no longer free, Indigo Neo offers the choice of parking directly on-street and easily paying for it or opting for a car park and choosing a subscription. Thanks to Indigo Neo, you can also do both in a single app. H3 – the specifics of motorcycle parking in Paris
In the capital, parking for motorized two-wheelers is no longer free since September 1st, 2022: There are about 42 000 on-street parking spaces. Motorcycles can also park on car parking spaces. As a reminder, parking is not free from Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 8pm, excluding Sundays and public holidays. The town hall created a 2RM Pass for underground parking. This pass is available in a majority of Parisian car parks, most of which are accessible from Indigo Neo. You can find parking spaces in all districts of the town, regardless of the area, Saint-Michel district, Chatelet, etc. And also close to touristic places, such as the Eiffel Tower or the Porte de Versailles exhibition center. Indigo Neo is also available in many cities in Ile de France, making parking easier when you are moving around.

Is it more expensive to park on-street or in underground car parks?

In Paris, contrary to what one might think, it is often cheaper to park in an underground car park rather than outside. Closed car parks are also more secure for your vehicle than outdoor motorcycle parking spaces. The advantages are significant since, apart from a cheaper price, the rental of a parking space protects you from the weather and other inconveniences.
For example, in the districts in the heart of Paris, hourly surface parking for cars costs about 6€ the first hour, compared to 30 to 50% less underground. In the peripheral districts, hourly surface parking for cars costs about 4€ the first hour, compared to much less underground.

In short: Why park in an underground car park?

Protection against the weather

In addition to safety, these spaces also offer protection from the weather. Motorcycles can be damaged by rain, snow, ice and even UV rays. By parking inside, you reduce the risk of damage caused by the weather.

Comfort and convenience

Parking your motorcycle inside can also be more convenient and comfortable. You will not have to look for a parking space outside, and you will not have to walk far to get to your destination. In addition, by choosing this type of location, you will avoid traffic and traffic risks, such as car accidents.

Reduced costs

In many cases, underground car parks offer lower parking rates than outdoor parking, especially in densely populated urban areas. Although this may vary depending on your location, it is worth comparing rates to see if you can save money by choosing an underground car park.

Reduced risk of damage

In addition to safety, these spaces also offer protection from the weather. Motorcycles can be damaged by rain, snow, ice and even UV rays. By parking inside, you reduce the risk of damage caused by the weather.

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