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Discover our exclusive packages specially designed to meet your needs and take full advantage of our INDIGO car parks equipped with electric charging stations for all electric cars!

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Tailor-made packages

The charging stations offered by INDIGO are compatible with most cards of the charging operators. They are equipped with T2 and T3 type sockets, offering a power of 7 kVA in most cases. This power allows users to charge their vehicle in just 4 hours.

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Want to subscribe? It’s very easy!


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Make an appointment in our boutiques and subscribe to the Park & Charge Zen offer or subscribe directly from the partner site for other packages.


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Collect your badge in one of our boutiques or receive it at home and activate it on the Alizé website or directly from the Alizecharge app.


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Take full advantage of our offer in more than 130 car parks in France.

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Smart recharging!

Use the INDIGO network

Charging is included in your Park & Charge Zen package at the 5000 charging points in INDIGO car parks. The Zen package allows you to charge and park your car simultaneously. 129 INDIGO equipped car parks are available to you all over France to never run out of battery when you travel.

Recharge when necessary

Did you know that recharging your battery from 20% to 80% takes as long as 80% to 100%? Do not charge systematically, try recharging only when necessary. (For example, below 30% autonomy). The Park & Charge “Zen” and “Open” subscriptions include the recharge of 250 kWh of electricity per month.

Share charging stations

In 7 hours a battery will be fully charged, so there is no need to stay connected longer. For Park & Charge “Zen” and “Open” solutions, beyond 16h of continuous charging, a cost per hour is applied. Make it a habit to park in normal places when your car has finished charging.

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