Chapelle-Providence car park

The car park Chapelle-Providence is a public car park open for booking. It is located 1 minutes walk from the city centre of Quimper.

Car access
11 Parc de la Providence, 29000 Quimper

How to go to car park Chapelle-Providence?

Access guide

How to access the car park?

Present yourself in front of the barrier of the car park 11 parc de la Providence 29000 Quimper. No need to take a ticket: your license plate will be automatically scanned and recognized, entailing the opening of the barrier without any action on your part.

How to retrieve your vehicle?

Once in your vehicle, drive to the exit barrier. Your license plate will be recognised the same way it was at the entrance and the barrier will open automatically.

Where to park?

Any available space

Access types
License plate reading

Available facilities

  • Access for people with reduced mobilityAccess for people with reduced mobility
  • Video protectionVideo protection
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